Farm to Table Cuisine - Chef Owned


Our philosophy is that cooking and eating should feed the soul as well as the body, that buying and eating local not only supports the community in many ways, but offers the highest quality, healthiest product.

By respecting the entire farm to table process, we respect the producers' pride in their food and our environment, and we use it with care.

Michael’s on the Hill is committed to protecting the environment and we are always striving to make improvements to lessen our impact.

We encourage others to join us in conserving our natural resources, reducing waste generation and use of toxic materials, recycling, purchasing recycled products and pollution prevention.

Through a variety of venues, Michael does his best to educate the public on the importance of eating locally produced products, and is particularly interested in teaching children and their parents of the personal and global benefits.

He is a passionate supporter of sustainable agriculture, and hopes to reach a wider audience through his appearances and classes. His goal is to connect people to the community of dedicated people who nurture and produce our food products with people who are devoted to the concept of eating local and clean. Michael feels that everyone benefits, from grower and forager to diner, through a mutual respect for food.

"I appreciate the value placed on using your local farmers and their fresh offerings. Your love and passion for food was much appreciated by our family!" – North Carolina